Using the customs import tool it’s the first time in 6 months we are done by 17.30 having saved 5 hours of work!

Dorien Deuling, Freight Manager

MDXpress Ltd

    RentUrApp delivered a timely, cost-effective app for our members.

Tom Coates, Managing Director


RentUrApp™ software has helped us to enhance our customer service in many different ways.

Karen Shuter, Managing Director

Exact Logistics

    The PODSist™ delivery note capture app works a treat.

Kyle Wasson, Business Owner

AW Express

    RentUrApp™ has delivered on every aspect for us.

Clare Booth, Secretary /Accounts and Business Administration

Midas Transport

I would highly recommend RentUrApp™.

Les Corbett, IT Manager

Lloyd Fraser Group

   RentUrApp delivered exactly what we were looking for and more.

Gary Cane, IT Manager

Hazchem Network

About Us

Based in the UK, the RentUrApp™ team works in a unique way. We take the time to understand the specific business needs and operational requirements of each individual client before working on the needed business software. This enables us to design, develop and deliver cost effective bespoke software applications, fully tailored to suit your business needs. We have a shared goal to make our technology accessible to all and not to overcomplicate the end user experience. We have a lot of experience working within various industries to create software for freight, warehouse, delivery, and management. The rental agreement doesn’t begin until clients are completely satisfied.

The apps can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones and from any internet enabled location.

Here are some examples of the types of applications we can create for you:



A cloud based application allowing administration of all the apps.



Automated upload of POD documentation for real-time visibility of every single delivery and the accompanying documentation.



ScanSist™ is used to scan barcode labels on pallet freight.



Supports HGV drivers with the mandatory VOSO requirement checking vehicles have no defects before they begin their journey.



PlanSist™ is a purpose built Goods Planning Assist Software.



Renturapp can develop bespoke and tailored solutions for our customers. We take your requirements, do all the hard work and deliver a fully tested, ready to go solution.

Suite of Apps

Over the years, we have learnt from our clients that off-the-shelf software products often fail to deliver the level of benefits achieved with bespoke solutions. This is why RentUrApp™ applications are different. With a range of tailored business solution applications, the end product is always exactly what you require to suit your individual business needs.

The business apps can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones and from any internet enabled location.

Rent your Application Software without capital cost!

The RentUrApp™ rental engagement allows our clients to utilise their bespoke, customised software on a monthly basis, with no development capital cost. The rental agreement for your bespoke business software commences only when the client is totally satisfied, and all software is hosted by RentUrApp™.

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