Business Scenario: If not getting access to real time information on reported freight issues is a time and cost issue to your business, SmartSist™ is the app for you.

Benefits of SmartSist™ Application:

  • The results of all the checks generate a report which can be automatically sent via email giving immediate feedback.
  • The app gives the ability to report any issue with freight, and include photos taken with the device. Saving the driver having to wait for the problem to be fixed and losing time and money on deliveries.
  • The app also allows the internal teams to get the vehicle issue rectified as soon as possible and get the vehicle recommissioned back into service.
  • The latest check for all vehicles is available within MoveSist ™ for reviewing and printing as required; so any historical data is stored and can be accessed easily.
  • Predefined number of questions (pictures) for the driver to review. This enables the driver to complete a report for transmission to the office.

Mandatory VOSO requirement for drivers checking vehicle has no defects prior to departing.