Business Scenario: If your business would benefit from an app to plan daily routes, calculate the number of deliveries and create an equal drop route plan for all drivers, PlanSist™ is for you.

Overview: Purpose built Goods Planning Assist Software.

Benefits of PlanSist™ Application:

  • Plans daily routes
  • Routes can be split equally into number of routes based on number of pallets on each load
  • Gives planners the ability to focus and develop business critical areas of the business knowing the day to day job of planning and allocation routes has been done by PlanSist™

To compliment our successful PlanSist app, we’ve been working hard to build additional functionality to further assist with your route planning needs.

Plansist Route Planning Assistant

Overview:We’ve created this application for companies which have one or more vehicles on the roads with either goods or services to transport.

How does it work?:

  • Takes a list of all delivery vehicles and all deliveries due.
  • Provides an optimal route plan for each driver.
  • Allows all deliveries to be made on time.

By taking into account the size of the vehicle, the size of the delivery, the delivery service, the location of the delivery and the location of the other deliveries for the day to make the routes for each vehicle as efficient as possible.

How it helps:

The route planner will save you time by providing a detailed overview of all deliveries, where they are on the map, and within the overall route, and it provides an easy way to assign each route to a driver, and generate documentation.

Purpose built Goods Planning Assist Software.