Business Scenario: If you face a challenge centralising all your transport & delivery data into meaningful reporting and regular information, MoveSist™ can help.

Benefits of MoveSist™ Application:

  • Central portal allowing administration of all the apps.
  • Enables use to manage deliveries.
  • Generates all reports.
  • Sends texts and emails to clients and customers.


If you need more warehouse management integrated into your app, we have the solution for you…

Benefits of MoveSist™ Warehouse Module:

  • Generates the required report, documents and barcode labels.
  • Generates barcodes for each warehouse location.
  • Customise the locations to suit the exact requirements of your warehouse.


Once generated, the location of all goods is stored in the app database. It can be set interactively, by simply scanning the warehouse location and the item being stored directly from the mobile app, or from MoveSist using the web interface.

The device camera is utilised by the mobile app to provide the barcode scanning functionality to the app; And as an authorised Zebra reseller we can also take care of your hardware needs, and offer a laser-based scanning version of the app for those companies with more intensive scanning requirements.

A cloud based application allowing administration of all the apps.