Business Scenario: If you require real time updates to capture information such as delivery time, location and customer signature PODSist™ can help you capture and upload real time information on delivery outcomes at the point of delivery.

PODSist™ provides delivery status updates directly onto your desktop! The reports contain simple to understand information. The reports include, booked in date, time of booked in delivery, POD (Proof of Delivery) plus many others.

Did you know we have also partnered with Zebra? Off-the-shelf software products often fail to deliver the level of benefits achieved with bespoke solutions. RentUrApp™ applications are different. With a range of tailored business solution applications, the end product is exactly what you need. We develop software that meets your specific business requirements and all you have to do is pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis. This makes it easy to budget your software expenses… and there’s no risk of you purchasing the wrong software solution.

Zebra hardware is a very robust industrial standard that is used in place of standard mobile devices as they are Android based. The Zebra TC8300 is used for warehouse scanning with our ScanSist app and the Zebra TC26 in conjunction with our PODSist app.

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Benefits of PODSist™ Application:

  • Automated upload of POD documentation and/or a recipient signature, for real-time visibility of every single delivery and the accompanying documentation.
  • All data can be reported on within the app giving business insights immediately.
  • PODSist™ provides real-time updates to capture information such as delivery time, location and customer signature.
  • The application is available in two versions; the first as a cloud based solution which reports on information sent from an external Transport Management System (TMS). The second version is available as a real-time reporting tool.

Real-time visibility of POD documentation for every delivery with all the detail.