Business Scenario: If creating a system to capture and process information automatically to then automatically generate reports that are sent to collection depots would improve your connections to your hauls, stock and customers then HaulSist™ is the app for you.

Overview: The information gathered by HaulSist™ triggers payments to the milk producers based on the number of litres collected and delivered. Wizards intuitively guide you through any updates needed for your setup. The data that HaulSist™ holds is stored in the Cloud eliminating the requirement for local data storage.

Benefits of HaulSist™ Application:

  • Information is processed automatically by the HaulSist Scheduler™.
  • Data is retrieved from the truck on its final return to the transport depot.
  • Reports are automatically generated and sent to the collection depots as required.

Haulier transfers information about bulk liquid collections and deliveries to their clients.