Business Scenario: If your business requires bespoke and tailored vehicle checks to adhere to industry legislation and safety checks, TailSist™ is for you.

TailSist™ poses wholly customisable questions configured in MoveSist™ enabling businesses to perform any required checks on their vehicles. It is completely customisable allowing each client to configure their own checks This streamlined integration of two applications from the RentUrApp suite shows a power in accessing more than one app in the suite to help run your business.

Benefits of TailSist™ Application:

  • The app is designed in such a way to provide a simple way for companies to set up bespoke, customised sequences of checks or questions to complete to meet their specific requirements.
  • An automated email report is generated and sent once a user completes requirements sent by their organisation.
  • The application is simple, fast and customised for your business.

Mandatory HAE safety requirement for drivers to confirm it safe to do tail lift delivery.