Customs – Document Upload

On this page the user must enter the Payment Terms and upload any relevant documents relating to the Shipment.
e.g. the Commercial Invoice for the Shipment.

You can drag-and-drop files into the area with the dashed line around it, or simply click on Select File and choose the files you want to attach using the pop-up file explorer.

Page CC12 – Upload Document(s)

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Once you have attached any document you want to attach…

  1. Click on Next to view a Summary showing all the details entered.

    From there, to add additional clearance requests with the same route information select the ‘Add‘ radio button and click ‘NEXT‘.

  2. Otherwise, select ‘Finish’

  3. Clicking ‘NEXT‘ will show the Summary Report.

    You can print or email the report using the on-screen options, or simply view it from within MoveSist at any time in future.