Shipment Details – Customs

This screen records all of the Goods that are to be included in the Clearance – their Commodity Code, Weight, Value, number of pieces, Freight and Insurance Costs of each commodity.

Shipment Products / Commodity Details

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Commodities – How to complete

  1. Shipping Marks – required

    2 Characters. e.g. ‘GB’

  2. Country of Origin (for Imports) / Destination (for Exports) – required

    Select from the list

  3. Preferential Rate (Yes/No) – required

    This will default to Yes for EU Countries, and No for Non-EU Countries.

    You should change this if the preferential rate option is incorrect for the commodity code you are entering by default.

  4. Number of Pieces – required

    Number of pieces of this commodity code in the shipment.

  5. Value – required

    Value of this commodity code in the selected Shipment Currency.

  6. Net Weight & Gross Weight (kg) – required

  7. Enter the Commodity Code – required

    The 8 Digit Commodity Export Code. Click here to use the GOV.UK Commodity Code look-up tool.
    Note: You must enter a valid 8 digit code and select the option with the correct 2 digit import code for your goods.  Contact Channel Ports if you need clarification with this.

  8. Description of Goods – required

    A brief description of the goods

  9. Pallet Packaging Type – optional

    Select from List

  10. Freight Cost

    Enter Freight Cost for this Commodity – Optional

  11. Insurance Cost

    Enter Insurance Cost for this Commodity – Optional

  12. Declaration in lieu of EUR1 blank – Optional – See below

    NOTE: Please contact Channel Ports if you think you need to use these before using them. 

Shipment Import

To save time you can import the above information from an Excel file.

This is explained in more detail here.